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24 February 2023
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Most of the character’s attack power comes from weapons, while most of the character’s mobility comes from shoes, so these two pieces of equipment, from players to professional circles, are given priority, because the two individuals determine the quality of the character in a certain aspect. Banning weapons is equivalent to pulling out the teeth of the other side; banning shoes is equivalent to breaking the legs of the other side. But now, thousand machine umbrellas are sealed, for Jun Moxiao, that is not just as simple as pulling out a tooth. The function of changing the form of a thousand umbrellas is also forbidden after being banned. It is said that the exorcist restrains you from laughing, which is why, because the biggest feature of the weapon, the umbrella, is likely to be frozen in front of the exorcist. And Qianji Umbrella is the real source ofattack more varied. The war sickle flashed down, but the light flashed in front of his eyes. Draw a knife to chop? Gai Caijie could see clearly that when he was banned just now, Qianji Umbrella was the sword form of drawing the sword out of the umbrella. At this time, he could only use the sword skills. However, without weapon attributes, the skill itself, whether it is damage or attack speed or judgment, will be greatly reduced. This skill can be regarded as non-existent at all. Break it! Qingzhiqu did not dodge at all. Whether it was an attack collision or a chop, it would only turn into fragments of sword light. It was not worth guarding against at all. Without weapon attributes, he was too small. Gai Caijie was sure, but when the light of the sword hit him much faster than his attack, Gai Caijie realized something was wrong. Banned weapons, attack speed is equivalent to 0, even if it is known for its fast knife chop, side impact beams ,aluminium coated tubes, at this time, it seems that it should not have such a chop speed. Gai Caijie had no time to think about it, and Qing Zhiqu’s body could not help leaning back. It seems that this ban curse can hit you,cold drawn tubes, and it is also a flaw that you deliberately sold. Said Gai Caijie. It’s harder to sell you a flaw than to find you a flaw. Ye Xiu admitted it. In that case, why bother. Gai Caijie said. You’re about to find out. Ye Xiu said, Jun Mo laughed and rushed up. Gai Caijie knew immediately.